Our Process

At Trio, we understand that even the smallest details matter. We take any extra steps needed to ensure we produce the highest quality products. Trio uses advanced technology to ensure accurate measurements and fabrication. Working in tandem with the technology used, our expert manufacturing team inspects every piece to ensure Trio's quality standards are always met. 

Trio will work with you to ensure a smooth process from start to finish. Our team will provide all the details necessary to ensure the space is properly prepared for installation. Our team takes pride in caring for the environments in which we work, and leave our projects in pristine condition.

We pride ourself on our team. Once a project is ready for template our team member comes to the project to review all details. A digital template is created and sent for approval. Trio uses state of the art technology, Slabsmith creates a digital images of any material being used with color variations, or veining. These images can then be used to layout the pieces being fabricated to show exactly how the pieces will look once fabricated. Trio always does an internal layout for the best possible design. For those wishing to work with us directly on the layout, please be sure to request this specifically with your sales professional before signing any bids. Once the layout is completed, the project is ready for the next steps, GO!

Our experience starts with your design. Our expertise enables us to welcome creative concepts and challenging ideas. From the smallest to the largest detail, we will work together to turn your design into reality.

Not sure of your design? We can help with that too. We’ve earned the ability to look at a space and imagine the possibilities.

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